My name is Brent Bruning and I am a Master Hand Analyst from the Institute of Hand Analysis. Hand analysis is different from palmistry or astrology in that I am not reading your future, I am reading you. When I read your hands I can see what makes you feel naturally alive and fulfilled, I can see what triggers you, I can also see your greatest fear. 


One of my biggest passions in life has been to unblock people and witness this spark of inspiration in their eyes. I use the process of hand analysis for this purpose, where I read a person and then provide assistance in making a breakthrough with issues in integral areas of life; relationship, finances, sexuality, and purpose. This is something I have been rigorously studying for more than a decade.

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With my passion and knowledge, I have been able to position myself in reading hands of some of the biggest impact creators of our times. People like Tony Robbins, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Theological Advisor to the Pope, and many more.. the experience of which showed me something very fascinating. There was a consistent pattern in the hands of these world success people.

Today with my knowledge of success patterns, I am on a mission to bring people to their fullest love, self-expression, and greatest potential. My greatest fulfillment is being able to help those, who could have painful memories within their family, relationships, and work-life, which are blocking them from fulfilling their purpose. I wish to clear out their pain and help them launch into the best version of themselves.

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