You DON'T need to be psychic
or even believe in palmistry to understand that there is in fact
a life pattern in your hands.
This beautiful illustrated coffee table book

will show you.

Imagine looking at anyone's hands, including your own, and being able to tell in minutes what they love, what their challenges are, how they think, how they are in a relationship, and their life purpose. If you are a life coach or someone who has just been fascinated with hands, this is a completely new approach. This is hand analysis, and combines applied theory by empirically comparing over half a million hands.

"The Power in Your Hands" is a guide to the ancient wisdom of palmistry that allows you to move beyond your ordinary life, escape the hamster wheel and finally live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Trust me, trying to learn hands on your own with a traditional palmistry book is a pain. Much of what is written in palmistry is simply wrong. You will try many books with horrible diagrams with interpretations out of context, and fail to give a right reading when you read for a client. This is why we include over 200 photos of real people so you can understand for yourself what we mean by a passionate headline and heart line. If you combine this with our online class you will be able to apply this immediately for your clients, friends and family.

Preview our illustrated guide
(25 cm x 34 cm coffee table softbound cover)

What is the Power in Your Hands

It is NOT just another "self-help" book. It is the best tool for self transformation on the market period because it show you your biology as it relates to your personality through the hands.

It is NOT a book about palmistry –It is a book how your hands relate to the entire architecture of your personality. You will understand why this art and science has been passed down since generations for seeing the life pattern.

It is NOT a book about inner healing – though it will help you awake your inner power, understand psychologically what is holding you back, and evolve to someone much greater.

It is NOT a book about business advice – but it is a book that will help you identify your life calling based on the study of fingerprints and effortlessly use your innate energy to grow.

Here is what is included:

How your hand shape reveals your personal energy

The hands reveal 12 different energies, each describing an area in life where we are "in our element." Knowing this allows us to understand the nature of our life path and what people experience being around us.

How the length of your fingers show your talents

Each of your fingers have grown in proportion to a certain type of energy your personality has. If an area of your palm or finger is extraordinarily large, we can see you have an archetype that allows you to thrive in certain situations.

How your heart line shows your love style

Your heart line is developed before you can bend your hands. It shows how much you need emotional connection and your love type. This is a non-negotiable need and allows us to see the ideal partner for you.

How your fingerprints show your life purpose

At the 12th week after you were conceived, your fingertips expand in relationship to a genetic pattern of what you were born to do and what makes you happy. After interviewing thousands and matching this theory, it is clear - this pattern shows a soul contract of what your mission is; your life calling.

How this combines to show your life pattern

When we combine all the above with the remaining lines and fingerprints, we are able to create the complete architecture of your life pattern, unique from any other person on the planet.

16 real life interviews + hundreds of examples

With every theory, we show at least four photos of celebrities who have such a combination so you can learn exactly what we mean. We then demonstrate this by blindly testing a hand analyst who had no idea who he was reading -- only from a hand print he could determine not only that he was reading for a movie director, but the kind of movies he wrote.

With this you will be able to look at your own clients and provide much needed clarity......

The Power In Your Hands is a Paradigm Shfit

The Power In Your Hands is a wonderful scientific breakthrough.


Years of research, analyzing and interviewing the world's most remarkable and successful people has helped us reveal there is a life pattern that can bee seen in the hands. Moreover, this blueprints shows what makes you happy and what fulfills you and your life.

This book shows example after example of how people find happiness and how each side of our life can be seen in every part of our life. This book will invite you on a journey to discover for you to find your most exalted self and bring you clarity in your life's purpose.


If you've ever been frustrated or blocked, struggling with your private life, relationships, career or if life hasn't panned out the way you dreamed it to be… This is the book you've been looking for!

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