Your hands reveal your relationship to life itself

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Since the time of the Greek's, there has been a philosophy and a wisdom illustrated in the hands - that every part of your hand maps to every part of your life.

A good family friend sent me this picture - Thank-you Dudley. The symbols on the hand represent types of energy using symbols for planets in the palm and the zodiac in the fingers.

The Greeks believed we were a product of our environment and presumed that this energy was sourced from all over our environment. So if you understood the environment you would understand someone’s destiny and yourself.

Your hands then were not only a portrait of your personality but a mirror of your entire life itself. A portrait from inward to outward.

They believed as a fetus we would be sourced sequentially by order of nearest to farthest as the hand develops. We would be sourced by the earth for needs of nourishment and to eat and the moon to sleep which drives our instincts, as the basic palm formed in the womb 0-6 weeks.

Then as our soul began to expand outward we began to take on energy of other planets which show in the top of the palm in the size of the different mounts (Mars, mercury...)

Someone I guess after the Greeks added the stars on the fingers represented as zodiac symbols with each of the four fingers representing the four seasons starting with the spring at the top of the pinky. Fingers are formed as we developed the building blocks of consciousness after 7 weeks when the limbic system releases DMT, serotonin and other hormones which trigger the fingers to grow - symbolized by different energies of the stars, rooted in the planets in the palm, and grounded by the earth and moon.

Someone spent a lot of time thinking about that system. I don’t follow it, or tell people about the planets and stars. But I have seen enough in this lifetime not to completely judge something I don’t get yet.

What I do see? The hands reveal your life story.

All I know is if someone sends me their hand in a photo as part of a paid hand analysis, I can write out their life story in pretty extraordinary detail. Last night for example a woman I don’t know sent me photos of her hand. I wrote out her analysis as I do before the reading. I saw from the hand a woman who was fascinated with the body and root causes of body issues especially in the sacral/sexual area, loved to be a healer and studied natural wellness to cure the body and occasional gardening, was an artist, separated from her family because she was not heard and felt ignored, repeated this pattern in her relationship until she split from her partner, and restlessly travelled to follow her passions and be an artist for the community while always getting over invested and obligated to the people around her. Her life was a continual trade off of grand gestures to help people with their real problems while she goes for her next passion and bucket list. When she has time after all this she is an artist. That’s a little more than a personality test.

The actual reading was then only an illustration of this pattern for me - she left the youngest in a family of five after competing for her direction and chose to study with the Navajo Indians to study plant medicine. She used this to help her husband with prostate issues, married but left her husband as he travelled himself. She travelled to many places and was now living in Germany in service to her community, shared stories of inheriting a dog or this and that from the people she cured or helped, and her art are seen all over when you go into her house. She updated her bucket list just a few days ago. When I shared the analysis I had written and read it afterwards she was speechless and flushed.

Why is this important

These readings are valuable not just as an aha look-what-I-can-see info session, but for people who want to understand their power, their path in life, and how this fits to their greater soul path and life purpose to give their life a deep meaning. These sessions are beyond enlightening and always trigger the person to move bravely and with confidence to a happier and more fulfilling chapter full of love, health and joy in their life. By seeing their shadow and the theme of their suffering shown by an outsider who has no agenda, and this is written in their hands, they feel a relief of acceptance and self compassion - that their path and pain was important in their evolution, they were meant to go through this to be who they are today, to become their true creative and ultimate self who experiences a beautiful life unrestrained by the stuck-ness of the past. An exciting new vision of their life always unfolds afterwards for them.

I am always blown away myself by these sessions and in this place I become a more loving person and then shine as I walk into the living room to hug my kids as I accept my own journey here.

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