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HAND ANALYSIS: Where Purpose Meets Profits

The Great Resignation has gone global, with data from both the US and the UK indicating that people are quitting their jobs at an unprecedented rate. Employers are hoping four day weeks (30 UK businesses currently taking part in a six-month trial) and higher pay will help to lure new talent and retain staff, but experts say we may need to dig deeper into the psyche of the workforce to halt this prevailing trend.

Dr Max Tookey*, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Psychology at the London University of the Arts, comments, “In the aftermath of the pandemic, we are seeing a fundamental change in people’s attitude to the workplace. Flexibility and remuneration will only go so far. Companies need to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates individuals in order to earn their loyalty.”

Already gaining ground within the corporate world, Hand Analysis is a transformative tool that could help to win over workers by melding individual purpose with a company’s mission. Formerly a software analyst for Switzerland’s major banks, Brent Bruning, is a Master Hand Analyst and author of The Power In Your Hands*. He has been honing his skills in this ground-breaking field for 14 years (six of those years spent studying at the Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA)), and to date, he has reviewed over 20,000 handprints (also known as life patterns) including, those of Fabiola Gionatti, Head physicist of Cern and staff at Generali Insurance and Hotei Marketing.

Brent Bruning, comments, “Distinct from palmistry*, hand analysis helps people to see their strengths, locate their blind spots, resolve challenges and develop the clarity to move to their next role. A mirror of our nervous system, our true purpose, creative potential, motivators and triggers are biologically shown as an epigenetic pattern in the hands. And since the hand mirrors the nervous system's imprinting, we now have a blueprint to help us understand what brings us a sense of achievement and fulfilment.”

A win-win for businesses, the method also reveals one’s hidden talents and provides greater clarity and focus when it comes to career direction, team-building and leadership.

Nikesh Timilsina, Creative Director at Hotei Marketing, took a team-wide approach to Hand Analysis. He comments, “This was partly a personal mission and partly a company mission, but I wanted our staff to develop a greater awareness of who they are. When somebody knows themselves, their whole being is much more naturally expressive, confident and creative. Hand analysis also reveals your superpower. A major factor in attaining success, I believe knowing your key strengths leads to a sharper focus and drive, and that kind of inspiration uplifts the whole team.”

Unlike the Myers-Briggs personality test where results are often inconsistent, hand analysis is objective (a photo of the prints all that is required of the client to begin the assessment) and consistent. In The Power In Your Hands, Bruning’ achieved 100% accuracy by combining results from interviews with blind readings of the interviewee’s life pattern.


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editor’s Notes

Dr. Max Tookey, Senior Lecturer at Fashion Business School, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London: Key areas include, Organisational Behaviour, Research Methods and Social Psychology. Tookey has published in the areas of Career Related Behaviour and Ethical Behaviour in the workplace. He gained his PhD from the University of East Anglia, and he has also attended the Universities of Oxford, Bath and Cardiff.

The Power In Your Hands is a collection of 100 life pattern examples of successful people in different fields from all around the world including, Beyonce, Rihanna, David Beckham, Chris Evans, George Lucas, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and more. The content is based on interviews concerning the participant’s life story, lessons and challenges, with their hand analysis reverse-engineered by Pascale Stoessel, faculty member Institute of Hand Analysis.

Urs Pohlman, MD Neurologist, Ananne Founder comments “Brent Bruning and Pascal Stoessel are unfolding a whole new realm of anthropological questions with surprising intellectual consequences: the lines of our hand are meaningful. They represent a scripture, calligraphy unique to each individual, bearing information about who we are to our core and what we feel is meaningful in our life. This project, therefore, is not merely adding a new piece of knowledge but bears the potential to widen the scientific approach to understanding the body. What can be more rewarding than being encouraged to widen our horizon of understanding? Especially, if it is about what it is to be a human being."

Myers-Briggs Personality Test: different results have been seen in as many as 50 per cent of test-takers who fill out the MBTI a second time within a five-week period.

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