Get a 2-hour hand analysis
with a diagram that unveils your power, your greatest path to spiritual growth and your
life purpose. 

Watch the video to learn how hand analysis transforms lives.

You might be struggling with clarity.

You know you could be living a much more fulfilling life, but instead you feel stuck and weighed down with daily obligations. You feel confused about what you want, anxious about your future, and skeptical how to move into a new chapter. 

A hand analysis spiritually elevates you so you can accept and move powerfully into your next chapter.

I have helped over 1000 people who felt stuck in their life situation to transform their life in a single day just by helping them accept who they are the talents they have. I do this through a process called hand analysis which shows how your hands compare to people with the same hands. Like twins separated from birth, the more alike the hands, the more a similar life pattern emerges. Knowing this pattern is an incredible acknowledge of your own path as well as confirmation of a complex set of needs you specifically have to make you happy. 

Every time I read someone's hand they are spiritually elevated and for the long term. How is this possible? 

Every stage of your development is mirrored in your hands. This means, your life path, what makes you feel naturally alive and fulfilled as well as what is your greatest fear, shows in the hand.  Once I understood the pattern, I tested how happiness shows in the hands for 12 years based on multiple studies which you can read in my new book "The Power In Your Hands."


Over 1000 people have opened their hands to me:

 Cardinal Georges Cottier 
Neurologist Dr. Urs Pohlman
Tony Robbins
Rapper Eminem
Actor Ben Stiller
Actor Patrick Stewart
Astronaut Claude Nicollier
Head of Cern physicist Fabiola Gionatti
Entrepreneur Richard Branson
Heart Surgeon Dr. Thierry Carrell
Olympian Amaru Schenkel
General Christophe Keckeis
 Director of Dept. of Defense Dr. Marc Cadisch
Designer Anastasia Soare 
World Balloonist Betrand Piccard
The head of the Red Cross
Conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy
Oscar Nominated Film Director Markus Imhoof
yoga instructors, spiritualists, scuba divers, fashion designers, pilots, models, animal activists, shoe makers....

These people are living in harmony to the wisdom in their hands and living the life of their dreams. I want to show you yours.

Hand Analysis  is not future reading

Hand Analysis is different from palmistry or astrology in that I am not trying to read your future or tell you what you want to hear. I am instead guiding you through a factual principles, based on scientific research that shows you how your hands model your life. Like the research of twins separated from birth, we all have a pattern that feels right. This is based on an empirical study of half a million people's hands. I go through the research in the first part of my book The Power In Your Hands.

Download a free copy of the first chapter here to understand the science of how hands reveal who you are:

Click here for a Free download:
"The Science of Hand Analysis"


Choose from three
hand analysis services:

We can answer many life long questions in
a 2-hr hand analysis

Am I living at my greatest potential and doing what I am made to do? What is a life that would be the most fulfilling for me and truly makes me shine? (Revealed in the combination of all lines and hands)

What is my life purpose? Is the life matching my greatest vision and dreams? (Revealed in a life code shown in your fingerprints).

Am I with my ideal partner? How am I emotionally and how does this create a repeating relationship pattern? (revealed in the heart line)

Where am I most challenged in life and how is this costing me?
(Revealed in the lines
showing life

How a hand analysis works:

Step 1


When you book below, you will receive a calendar option to schedule your two-hour session this week on a video conferencing session of your choice. If you don't have Skype, no problem, we can Zoom as well, just let us know.

Step 2


Using your smart phone, send us a picture of both your hands and finger tips  facing the sun. Make sure all fingers are in focus, not the background so we can see the fingerprints.

Step 3


I use 12 years of training of hand and life pattern recognition (no computers). This is done by combining the theory of hand shape, lines and fingerprints. If you would like a diagram to show the architecture of you and your life to share with friends, I can prepare this as well.

Step 4


Over two hours, I will assemble a virtual picture of who you are by showing examples of people with similar hands and fingerprints. I will show you evidence of why you're meant to do what you're doing! Each session is recorded for replay later.

Step 5


By acknowledging every part of who you are and your life, a beautiful awakening occurs in your life that lasts for days. Trust me, this is just a taste. Wait until you schedule the next session, where we go into your shadow side to trigger an even greater transformation, this is called the SHIFT!

Here is what is included in our 2-hours:

How your hand shape reveals your personal energy

The hands reveal 12 different energies, each describing an area in life where we are "in our element." Knowing this allows us to understand the nature of our life path and what people experience being around us.

How the length of your fingers show your talents

Each of your fingers have grown in proportion to a certain type of energy your personality has. If an area of your palm or finger is extraordinarily large, we can see you have an archetype that allows you to thrive in certain situations.

How your heart line shows your emotional style

Your heart line is developed before you can bend your hands. It shows how much you need emotional connection and your love type. This is a non-negotiable need and allows us to see the ideal partner for you.

How your fingerprints show your life purpose

At the 12th week after you were conceived, your fingertips expand in relationship to a genetic pattern of what you were born to do and what makes you happy. After interviewing thousands and matching this theory, it is clear - this pattern shows a soul contract of what your mission is; your life calling.

How this combines to show your life pattern

When we combine all the above with the remaining lines and fingerprints, we are able to create the complete architecture of your life pattern, unique from any other person on the planet.

With this knowledge we can now go deeper

Now that you will see your entire destiny in front of you, you are now in the position to see exactly how much power you really have in your hands. You are now ready to go deeper to see what is really holding you back from the dreams and what your soul deeply longs to fulfill in this life. You will be left armed with the knowledge most people don't get until after years of experience and life events.

This will be a lot to take in, which is why you will want to listen to the recording several times.

I include a beautiful hand analysis
shareable with friends


Listen to what others have to say....

“How Brent mapped my fingerprints to my soul purpose was a fascinating, even magical process. My friends and family noticed my reawakening right away. I recommend this to anyone with all my heart.

Marie De Keersmaker

CEO|Transformation in Presence

“It was insane how true it was!
It helped me so much to move forward in my life and just be happier and be me.”

Marie Philippe Vanheems
Operational Excellence Expert

“I met Brent at a moment in time I felt lost. My whole life I had been taking care of everyone else. I turned into something else in front of his eyes. I pulled the beauty and charisma who I am that I had pushed down. He can see who you really are.”

Gunnel Berggren

Executive Coach, Speaker


Choose from three
hand analysis services.


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