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Do you wish to PURSUE YOUR PASSION but can't seem to follow through?
Would you like to FEEL WHOLESOME by letting go of your emotional baggage?

Are you ready to CHALLENGE YOURSELF in order to grow and live a fulfilled life?

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No. But they tell you the life you are meant for.

They show your life purpose. They are the map of your entire nervous system and your personality.

A hand analysis gives you more clarity than any personality test. I'm not just reading some aspects of you, I am reading your whole life. Unlike palmistry, I am not reading your future. I am reading your non-negotiable needs for happiness.


I will show you your greatest potential and God-given gifts to live the life you would love. You will then have the clarity and inspiration to move to your next most fulfilling chapter. 





How is this clarity possible? 

Similar people have similar hands. The more similar your hands are to another person, the more similar your life patterns are to theirs. You are living life in a series of patterns. It is biological. It is provable. And it can be seen in your hands.

By studying half a million people's hands, we can now show you your life blueprint. You can use this blueprint to move into a life that truly expresses you. With this knowledge, you will break through into new relationships, or launch the business of your dreams, and transition into a new life chapter. 

Case Study of Twins separated from birth

Interested in a free hand analysis quiz to see your specialty? Click here

Or simply book an introductory 30-minute session with me and see how a personalized reading shows your whole life story.

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"Brent Bruning and Pascal Stossel are unfolding a whole new realm of anthropological questions with surprising intellectual consequences: the lines of our hand are meaningful."

The hands, they seem to represent a scripture. a calligraphy unique to each individual, bearing information about who we are to our core and what we feel is meaningful in our life. This project, therefore, is not merely adding a new piece of knowledge, but bears the potential to widen the scientific approach to understanding the body. What can be more rewarding than being encouraged to widen our horizon of understanding? Especially, if it is about what it is to be a human being."

Urs Pohlman, MD Neurologist, Ananne Founder

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There are things in hand reading I definitely haven't discussed before that are dazzlingly accurate.

"The reading is phenomenal, completely nailed me, from my strengths to my dreams to my challenges to the things I enjoy. It's uncanny! 

Neil Strauss,  Best Selling Author

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I learned a lot about myself.... and my hand!"

"I am deeply impressed by the dimension of your project. I learned a lot about myself.... and my hand!"

Christophe Keckeis, 3 Star General

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How can someone know me without ever seeing me and describe my life in details with 99% accuracy. I am without words. This is fantastic!!!

"I approached this with skepticism as I had a preconceived idea about hand reading. When I listened to the blind hand analysis I was so surprised. This is absolutely fantastic!!!:

Amaru Schenkel, Olympic Runner

I have had the privilege of reading the hands of many high-impact people of our times.

Some of them are Tony Robbins, Eminem, Richard Branson, Theological Advisor to the Pope, Keira Knightley, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and many more...


For 12 years, I validated a discovery that had already been established since the 1960s. Your hands show your life blueprint. By offering a handprint anonymously to the International Institute of Hand Analysis, we can see not only that he is a movie director, but the kind of movies he makes!

Now imagine what I can see  in your hands. What are your dreams? And what is blocking you from achieving them?

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American author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist


British Actress


The Theological Advisor to the Pope


Head Physicist of CERN

Brent bruning, transformation coach


I am a Master Hand Analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis. I've studied the life patterns of over 20,000 people, including many individuals in high profile positions.

I help people who feel stuck to get clarity, find their true joy, and to reconnect with their purpose. 

I am bringing to you my knowledge and experiences to unblock you and inspire you to walk your path and fulfill your life purpose. 

What is the shadow side?
Can it really sabotage my life?
I get this question a lot. Yes, it can. But there are ways for you to take back control. In this video, I talk about it from a few different angles. 

A quick chat with Sofia Strizhko. She recently went through my program and wanted to talk about her experiences with it.
It was wonderful to work with her and uplift her to the state she deserves to be in.

In 28 days, your
life can completely change.

Hand analysis by brent bruning


This is the first step where we analyze your hands to understand your personality, challenges, and strengths. 

The shift by brent bruning


After your hand analysis, we release your emotional blockages, stress, and traumas.



After you go through a powerful shift, you discard old baggage and train to lead a transformed life

Frequently asked questions

Where do I send you pictures of my hands?

I need photos of your hands outside facing the bright sun in order to see the ridge patterns. I need a picture of your face and hands and each of your fingers and thumbs. Make sure the thumb is direct and not at an angle. Send them to

Where is the link for the session?

All sessions are over Zoom. When you book the appointment you will receive the Zoom link by email with your time. Here is the same link: Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 881 4835 6382
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Meeting ID: 881 4835 6382
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Can I do this in person or is it only over Zoom?

Yes! If you are near Zurich, Switzerland, just write me on whatsapp that you would like to make it at my office. The advantage of doing it 1 on 1 is we can also make an inkprint revealing the minor lines. Bring a phone ready to record the audio of the session.

What is the earliest age to get a hand analysis for my children?

As long as you can see the fingerprints, you can make a hand analysis. My experience is this is an excelllent tool for teenagers deciding their future and what they want to pursue in their life. As well it is vital for parents to be sensitive to the needs of their children and nourish their development.

Is there a discount if I refer a friend?

Yes. 95% of this business is through people who have had a direct experience and shared this with their friends. Therefore, I offer a discount code "Power" for 50 USD off any of the services as an incentive for them.

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