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Hi, I'm Brent

I would like to share with you how a wisdom in your hands that will transform your life.

I have studied 20,000 hands as they relate to the life pattern. The palmistry texts were partially right. Hands do show a wisdom with which you can literally transform your life. They show your life pattern. And when you know it, the feeling is remarkable. It's like you've found a path of your life and risen above it. And from this you can take action to design and manifest your life in a way that gives your soul fulfillment. It brings my soul incredible happiness to see people uplifted into a new journey from the wisdom I give them. I've tested it. Researched the science. Published a book about it. Yes your hands really do show a life pattern. I would be so grateful to show you your path. It's my path to show you.

For 13 years I have traveled around the world to discover how people found happiness and how their soul shows in the hand.
Your hands show your biggest dream to fulfill.

Since then I have shared this wisdom
with over a
thousand people to lead them to deeper, more fulfilling life.

I am here on Earth for one purpose:
to usher you into a new stage of life. Your hands show a map of
EVERYTHING that makes your SOUL SHINE and brings you happiness.

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I want to show you your TRUE POWER.

What you're

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What We Do

After 20 years of transformation life coaching,
I developed a
three-step program to gently move you from wherever you are to an absolute breakthrough into your next chapter:

The program may be perfect for you if....

You're at a crossroads.

You are in a period of transition and unclear what your next chapter should be. Many simply don't know what they want or which passion they should pursue. The hands reveal an image that makes you very happy.

You're ready for something new.

You know what you want but are spinning your wheels and feeling stuck on a situation, even though you're working hard. It could be a passion, or a new business and it just seems you re repeating the same day over and over.

You want to
invest in yourself.

You've had a friend recommend this. You've seen them transform in days in front of your eyes and  wonder how this is possible from just a hand reading. You've enjoyed other methods of self improvement and curious to know your human design.

Ready to get started?


Here's what happens when you
discover your human design:

“How Brent mapped my fingerprints to my soul purpose was a fascinating, even magical process. My friends and family noticed my reawakening right away. I recommend this to anyone with all my heart.

Marie De Keersmaker

CEO|Transformation in Presence

“It was insane how true it was!
It helped me so much to move forward in my life and just be happier and be me.”

Marie Philippe Vanheems
Operational Excellence Expert

“I met Brent at a moment in time I felt lost. My whole life I had been taking care of everyone else. I turned into something else in front of his eyes. I pulled the beauty and charisma who I am that I had pushed down. He can see who you really are.”

Gunnel Berggren

Executive Coach, Speaker

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