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The Shift™ is an incredible tool to use your fingerprints to gain mastery over yourself and create a life that is truly fulfilling. By staying present and compassionate to all your sides, you will broaden your awareness and encourage innovative thoughts and actions. We all have triggers as seen in our fingerprints. During stress and emergency when our safety is threatened, we become limited version of ourself and run automatically. But when we revisit these in a present place using this amazing technology, we can rexperience positive emotions like joy, contentment, and love,

Trauma is any area that moves you automatically to disconnection. Trauma is not a vision of your soul and while you carry it you will repeat stress patterns. This stress response is not the vision of your life, yet it is common to be living this way 80-90% of the time. You cannot heal your trauma unless you can put it into words and express it. We will go through all the areas where your awareness is naturally limited, where you have struggled with in your entire life. We are going to gently open the whole picture of your shadow side so you can think creativiely. 


When you gently and kindly release this pain that is within your shadow, all that suppressed energy can be directed to creating a new of your dreams. This is a physiological change that allows you to develop a new relationship to your mind, body, spirt and soul. 


The Shift™ is far beyond any ego-driven goal of success, or simply positive affirmations. Instead, it is a new chapter of transforming your core, a destiny just wanting to express itself.

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Prerequisite 1

We need to understand the complete architecture of your personality before we can go through this transformational experience. So if you haven't, book your hand analysis first!

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Prerequisite 2


The Shift can sometimes take several hours (minimum 3 hours), so we need to be flexible. Afterwards, you need to free your evening to reflect and create your own vision board.


The Shift


The Shift is completed in three 2-hr sessions.
Session 1 - In the first, using the details of your hands, we can see all sides of your personality,. Here, we get a glimpse of your soul, how you act defensively to protect yourself, and how this puts you in a meaningless pattern.
Session 2 - The second session is a deeper look at what is the impact if you stay in the shadow automatic pattern.
Session 3 .- And the third session is what your breakthrough new chapter will look like being your exalted self. 


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  • The Shift™ 3 Month Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months


The before and after photos below show four who received a hand analysis in 2021. They literally reversed their age after following their blueprint in a 3-step program of 28 days. They were successful but were suppressing vital parts of who they were and what makes them happy as shown in the hands. This suppression costs tremendous energy and represents 90% of your stress.


Stress ages you. But when you release stress by following the life you were meant for, you reverse your age. All this energy returns to you in vitality.

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  • I am not sure I understand your offer. Can you help to solve my issues?
    Yes, that is what I resolve. I break the patterns that show up in your issues by helping you see it, take ownership of it and process it and finally create a new vision for yourself where you are free of your recurring issues.
  • If I have multiple issues in my life, do you offer a holistic approach to help me solve all of my issues or are all of my issues solved separately?"
    Generally the problems are interrelated. I uplift the whole pattern so you can see it in money, job, love, family etc.
  • I would like to understand as well what is the process? After you have analysed my hands, what is the process you are using to solve the issues you discover?"
    We first have to identify the full set of stress symptoms and put it in a visual format that allows your brain to understand it, see it objectively and process it emotionally. That is called the Shift and it allows you to gently and compassionately uplift the core issues and fears. Then we place new pillars to support you instead of your old patterns.
  • So you make me conscious of my issues, and when it is made conscious it can be solved?"
    Not only conscious, but emotionally conscious too as you see how you have been doing things in the past with full clarity. It is the same technique used by soldiers returning from war with post traumatic stress disorders. It works well for them, but it can help shift minor problems as well.
  • What do I have to do to take this program? Can I do it online?
    Everything will happen online face to face in Zoom. You send me photos of your hands and I send you your life pattern diagram. Then we get on a zoom call where we go through it together. I show you the shadow and your whole path and how it looks when your pattern is transformed.
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“The Shift results in a profound rebirth. It releases you from the past and negative Karma and brings you forward to a new chapter connected deeply to your soul's mission. I highly recommend this to everyone."

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Rohit Sewnath

“Something about how he is influenced me to have a palm reading. I no longer felt there was something was wrong with me, .... I could accept myself the way I am knowing that I can change as well. This is something to evolve into.”

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Interior Architect

Valentina Herz

“I met Brent at a moment in time I felt lost. My whole life I had been taking care of everyone else. I turned into something else in front of his eyes. I pulled the beauty and charisma who I am that I had pushed down. He can see who you really are.”

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Executive Coach, Speaker

Gunnel Berggren

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