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CASE STUDY of twins separated from birth

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Jim Springer and Jim Lewis. Twins separated at birth, both have a woodshed in the backyard, and love stock car racing.

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Life pattern seen in the lines and fingerprints of the hands has been established since the 1960s studying Twins separated at birth. Twins Jim Springer and Jim Lewis, reunited after 39 years, found they also lived by all terms, the same life. They drove the same model of Chevrolet, held jobs in law enforcement, liked stock car racing, had woodworking sheds behind their houses and loved crafting birdhouses and toys in their spare time, married women named Linda and, after divorcing, remarried women named Betty and both named their sons James Allen.


This means, when you give me photos of your hands, I will show you see what your God-given talents are, what gifts you bring to a relationship, what are your non-negotiable needs in a relationship, what is over-sensitive to you and triggers you, what mistakes you are likely to repeat and how to overcome them in order to fulfill your life purpose. In short, I will show you your life and how you can deeply enjoy it.

I invite you to send me photos of your hands. In our session, I will reveal to you a breathtaking knowledge of your life pattern and your next life chapter that’s waiting for you.

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