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In a hand analysis, we are going to explore your whole life pattern, your strengths and your power.

Many people experience an awakening during these sessions. They literally grow in consciousness, realizing the responsibility of living in alignment to their divine pattern. This is not anything for you to “Believe”: rather, something

to experience directly as I show you through real examples in our session.

Based on research encompassing half a million people’s hands, I’ll walk you through the maze of your being,

ultimately revealing your life pattern. I’ll show you how your ancestral patterns activated certain behavior patterns, ultimately creating patterns in the way you live your life today.  And more importantly, how to break through to

live your life purpose.


what is the nature of your soul?

If you want to know how you’ll feel throughout life, you should ask your soul. At 7 weeks in utero, the most fantastic event of your life occurs: the soul enters the body and the fetus begins to show conscious movement. The imprint of its signature of what your soul wants is, right in the fingerprints, literally.


what is your soul path and purpose?

The soul is the foundation of your consciousness and has a pattern that shows what you are born to do: your life purpose.  Unearthing this unconscious pattern is the most significant source of energy and creativity and showing your greatest path to grow. 


what is your relationship to your body, mind and spirit?

The body, mind and spirit aren’t just esoteric ideas, they can be physically seen in

your hand by the 3 major lines in your palm.  These lines formed before you could bend your hand as the different stages of your instinctive brain (body), limbic brain (spirit) and frontal cortex (mind) grow. Knowing these help you get to the core of

how you think, feel and be.


what is your power and what are you meant for?

There’s no force in the universe as powerful as waking up consistent with your

identity. Everyone is unique and tolerates certain energies and experiences more

than other people. These strengths are shown by the extraordinary length and sides of your palm and fingers. Knowing this, we can literally determine where you are in your element and where your personality thrives.


What is your shadow side and how do you breakthrough it?

Obviously if some areas are more satisfying, the remainder are less satisfying, and thus “in the shadow.” These are experiences a person would rather avoid, creating predictable difficulties and life lessons. We’ll explore what your defense mechanism

is that has you feeling stuck as well as how to get out of it. This has a direct link to problems around money, vitality, or relationships you are using the hand analysis to solve.

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what is your greatest possible self fully self expressed?

What would happen if you actually break through a lifelong problem? Can you even imagine a life without it? What is your ideal self and more importantly, how do you grow into it sooner rather than later? We’ll explore how people shift into the person they love and into the life of their dreams. The hands reveal a blueprint of every vital step you need to a life of vitality, contribution and transcendence.

your personal life pattern diagram
is shown to you during a hand analysis

Example Hand Analysis.png

“Brent’s Hand analysis demonstrates emotional/mental patterns that ultimately have huge impacts on physical health. The issues of low vitality and ill-health seen in my patients very often correlate to their lack of clarity on how to best contribute to the world in a meaningful way through life calling and purpose. Ascertaining that information gives meaning and a sense of fulfillment, resulting in greater physical well-being and improved vitality.”

Dr. Jeannette Daneals, ND


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Listen to what others have to say....



Karen Descamps


Very accurate information about myself and my life path. I would recommend him if you want to understand yourself better.

Karen Descamps

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