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Difference between Palm reading vs Hand analysis?

What do you think when you hear the words ‘palm reading’?

Maybe a crystal ball? A lady wrapped up in a turban with loads of rings on her hands? Or a palmist who seriously looks at your hands and connects your hands to the stars and the planetary movements and starts telling you when you’ll get married, how many children you’ll have, and how long you’ll live. This sort of palm reading feels like a fun party trick; it can be entertaining.

hand with life pattern
Life pattern in your hands

What is Hand Analysis?

Hand analysis is quite different from that. Hand analysis does involve looking at the lines in your hands and the structure of your fingers. It is very specific about looking at your fingerprints.

  • Your fingerprints, reveal what is your greatest potential that is fulfilling for you (your life purpose),

  • The life challenges, your cross to bear in life (your life lesson), and

  • The filter through which you experience the world (your unique take on life).

The patterns in fingerprints are derived from an empirical study of thousands of hands and there is no future prediction in hand analysis. The lines in your hands have no predictive power; rather, they reflect what you have experienced in life along with how you as a unique person tend to process it in your own way, it is in a way your ‘personality psychology’ that gets revealed in hand analysis.

Brent Bruning analyzing hand of a women
Hand Analysis

You have your own unique personality traits—e.g., how you process emotions, how you use your intellect to absorb and structure information, and then you also have a set of behavioral patterns that are the result of the choices you’ve made throughout your life. Those natural tendencies, and your free-will choices, are displayed in your hands, and there is a specific system for decoding them what a professional hand analyst uses.

In contrast, there are loads of varying information depending on different sources and origins of palmistry. A palm reader, especially a deeply intuitive one, may also choose to make predictions based on what he/she sees. I wouldn’t presume to judge that process. But it is not hand analysis.

Hand analysis hand is scientific, objective, and concrete. The research done on hand analysis is based on empirical data of millions of hands and the patterns seen in the fingers. Compared to varying implementations of palmistry, the life blueprint information you get from a trained and certified hand analyst won’t vary. In the International Institute of Hand Analysis in Switzerland, we even did experiments of analyzing unknown people’s hands and were able to derive their life blueprint with pinpoint accuracy. So I can say your fingerprints, they have a story to tell, and it is the same story, regardless of which hand analyst tells you the story.

Imagine an A-class celebrity who shares the same hand type as you. What did that person do so well that you can implement in your life to free yourself from anxiety related to life purpose, finding your true self, finances, and stability? I work with data of thousands of hand types that we have collected together in the IIHA, where we personally read the hands of actors, world leaders, humanitarians, business moguls, successful artists, and the knowledge of these patterns I want to bring to you. So that you can know yourself better, feel good in your body, and follow your true purpose which is uniquely soul-fulfilling for you.

In-depth hand Analysis by brent bruning
In-depth Hand Analysis

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