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Life of Multi-talented Nadja Sieger

Nadja Sieger : The life line curves around the thumb and shows the relationship to the body, home and work. The more it can be seen from across the room, the more grounded the person is. People with deep, straight life lines are especially driven and take their work seriously.

Nadja Sieger with her husband
Life of Nadja Sieger

They must work regardless of how their bodies feel and take it one step at a time. People with shorter Life Lines are more restless and impulsive, and don’t like to be tied down. The rounder the Line, the more charisma they exude and captivate their surroundings.

Now we all know someone who is driven and is super successful in their own standards. However, here is an example of someone who is restless and successful, and there are more of them out there than you know.

Nadja Sieger - Comedian

Nadja Sieger is a Swiss comedian, singer, writer, actress, producer, and acrobat, better known as Nadeschkin of the comedy duo Ursus und Nadeschkin.

Born 1968 in Zürich, Nadja Sieger attended a Gymnasium in Zurich. She worked as a street performer with Urs Wehrli, and has been acting since 1987 as Nadeschkin. In 2004 she featured in the Swiss television film Fremde im Paradies.

In 2005/2006 as a director in the independent theater scene and since 2005 she performed as a Jazz singer at the Swing Time Dance Archestra, Big Band Connection and Swingtime Pocket Archestra.Just for fun, Nadja Sieger is a member of the Lindy Hop Dancer.

In 2013 Nadja Sieger acted as voice actress in the Swiss-German animation film SChline Gspängst (The Little Ghost).

She wrote as a columnist in the Swiss newspaper Berner Zeitung. In October 2014 Nadja Sieger was also involved as producer of the comedians Starbugs and director of their 2014/2015 tour.

So fret not if you have a short life line, when life closes a door, it most definitely will open a window. She’s not the only one, who is restless and successful, there are so many, especially celebrities who have mastered multiple professions.

Driven people can usually master and specialize in one area of expertise, however, if you are restless, you can be at least the second best in multiple talents.

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