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Meryl Streep life in Hollywood

Heart lines that are short and end deep within the palm, under the middle finger are detached and realistic. Practicality and gut instincts rule their heart.

Meryl Streep with her husband
Meryl Streep Life

They live and let live, allowing facts to speak for themselves. They say whatever they want and don't let that ruin their day. Hence, they seldom regret what they did.

Meryl Streep had started a family with her sculptor husband Don Gummer, whom she wed in 1978, and Hollywood life was losing its attraction.

Meryl Streep

After taking Hollywood by storm, doing what she loved, they moved to Connecticut, where the couple raised their children. She says, "it's the most important thing in the world to me, but it's a separate thing.

I am not living through my husband or my children. Acting is something I do for myself." In December 2017, Streep came under fire from actress Rose McGowan, who accused the Oscar winner of being complicit in the cover-up of producer Harvy Weinstein’s sexually abusive behavior.

Additionally, McGowan derided the planned "silent protest" in which Streep and other prominent actresses would wear all black to the upcoming Golden Globes.

Streep responded with a statement in which she insisted she had no idea of Weinstein's behavior. "Not every actor, actress, and director who made films that H.W. distributed knew he abused women, or that he raped Rose in the '90s, other women before and others after, until they told us," she said. "I am truly sorry she sees me as an adversary, because we are both, together with all the women in our business, standing in defiance of the same implacable foe: a status quo that wants so badly to return to the bad old days, the old ways where women were used, abused and refused entry into the decision-making, top levels of the industry."

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