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find your purpose

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what does a hand analysis do for me?

  • You will understand yourself and find your life calling. Essentially, what you really want to do in life which is ultimately fulfilling for yourself. 

  • You will understand the roots of your triggers and reactionary behavior which serves to create a major breakthrough in forming long-lasting relationships in your life.

  • When you perfectly realize where you have been stuck in life, you become amazingly comfortable in your own body, which creates an opening in several areas where your performance and confidence are lacking simultaneously.

  • With an up-close understanding of our strengths and weaknesses, you will carve your path consciously and precisely whether it be your career or relationships.


As it turns out, the lines in our hands mimic the neural pathways in our brains.

  • When we have repeated thoughts and experiences stored in our minds, it creates neural paths in our brains. The more intense our thoughts and experiences. the deeper and more defined the lines show up in our hands.

  • This was firstly researched by Richard Unger in the 1960s and to this date, handprints of millions of people have been compared with pinpoint accuracy. 

  • In a nutshell, if you show your hands to two different professional hand analysts, you will get the same results!

It is different from palmistry and has nothing to do with future reading.

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your very own life pattern diagram
is shown to you during a hand analysis

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what is the process of getting a hand analysis 



We need to understand the complete architecture of your personality before we can go through this transformational experience. Let me see your hands and leave the rest to me, I will tell you what you have been through and why with pinpoint accuracy. (No future forecasting) 

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If you have taken the 2-hour session with me, block your time for 2 hours. If you have taken the 30-min intro session, block 30 mins. I will paint your whole life story with utmost clarity.  



I will introduce what your life story has been about and how it makes you the person you are today. This can trigger the beginning of a shifting experience for you. Using the details of your hands, we can see all sides of your personality, and get a glimpse of your soul purpose.