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the power in your hands
the greatest ice breaker 


Uniting 250 people at Tedx

At Tedx, I went far beyond speaking about the advances in hand analysis research. Instead it was proposed that I offer to read everyone's hands, all 250 people in attendance. A leading insurnace company, Generali, sponsored the $30k booth. Photos of key speaker's and influencers hands were posted so people could understand the power I was referring to at the back drop. 

By 8:30am we had a line of 50 people each waiting to understand what their power was. With each three minute reading, I identified what their key talent, relating it to the neurological pattern seen in the hand, backed by the research of the International Institute of Hand Analysis (from half a million people's hands).


Each person walked away wearing a button that showed the power in their hands. This not only created an excellent way for people to introduce themselves, but fueled more people to come and discover their zone of genius. By the end of the event, 250 people's mind were blown. The event organizers and sponsors said it was the highest energy event they had ever experienced since introducing Tedx in Switzerland. 

Sold out immediately at Mindvalley

Social proof: To test the waters with the life coaching community, I offered a tribe event at an offiste hotel conference room in Talin, Estonia. I didn't understand that I couldn't bring more people after looking at the status 9 hours later.  The event organizers suggested bringing this presentation to the stage. My talk, "Nueroception - how we perceive reality through the entire body and broadcast this through the hands," created a line outside of the bathrooms of people wanting me to see their hands at 1pm. My wife joined me create a line of people to imprint their hands on handprint paper. The organizers extended the opening hours of Mindvalley, redirecting people into the webinar room to stop blocking traffic if you were there and remember Summer 2023.

Applause all around

No one is more interested than in themselves. As a Master Hand Analyst from the International Institute of Hand Analysis and a previous background in software testing and software robotics, I take what I say with the greatest scrutiny. I’ve read over 25,000 hands to help people understand their talents and work together.  I am here to empower you to understand the part of your hands that shows a "fixed mindset" as well as a growth mindset of what you are here to do. I back this up by hundreds of hands with your specific pattern to confirm you are meant to do what you're doing.  As you probably get by now, this is not palmistry. Nobody's future is being read. Nothing I say hsn't been validated hundreds of times and I have a published book, "The Power In Your Hands" to prove everything that I say about your life purpose and your talents are backed up by emperical evidence. Everyone with the same dermatoglyphic patterns have the same complaints, as well as, the same craving for life.
Would you lik
e to know yours?
What I am saying is based on pattern recognition. I represent a  state of ongoing research in the field of dermatoglyphic patterns and hand types that interepret the neurological patterns in the hands like a funcitonal MRI. There is no more powerful tool of self awareness and self development than to have your hand analyzed.  According to Swiss nuerologist, Dr. Urs Pohlmann, previous head of conscious studies at Aale, the work that I am doing is equivalent to
three years of psychotherapy. 

According  Paul Mckenna 
"Brent Bruning has a deep understanding of hand analysis and the gift of being able to communicate useful insights to help people improve their lives."
Vishen Lakhiani: this is profound. You nailed the whole political situation in my company from my fingerprints. 
Bruce Lipton, Epigienticist "You got me, my whole life story. Including my family dynamics. Life is epigenetic. Fingerprints are epigentic."
Dave Aspreys, Biohacker "What you are doing makes complete sense to the way the brain functions. You're seeing neurological patterns from the way
we operate."
Guruji Vishwananda "From the Hindustani community, you are reading people's Karmic path. The Swamis that are coming to you are recognizing the same karmic pattern that I see. Everyone has a path to learn. Everyone has a path to love."

Cardinal Cottier, Theological Advisor to the Pope at the Vatican  "You have uncovered a soul pattern that shows what we must deal with in order to prepare for the afterlife."