Your soul has spoken.


Welcome to the Hero's Journey.
This is what it all was for.

Everything you've gone through has lead you to this point. You've taken every hard path, surrendered to every wall, and every self help course... and now you've been introduced to your life pattern, a god like calling to manifest a life that truly fulfills and you have asked your soul. Your why is here.


"You can't have pleasure in life without skill. You must have technique to incarnate and express your inspiration, to bring heaven down to Earth. To express heaven in terms of Earth."
- Alan Watts


The moment is now here. Are you going to take charge of your life and do what you came to Earth to do? This program is what it is all for. To give you the best tools of transformation on the market so you can live the life your soul is asking. For 20 years I have been researching how to live life by your design. I've applied every best practice in EVERY STAGE of the journey to give you the most competent program on EARTH from shifting out of your old life into the one of your dreams.

This is The Hero's Journey.


You are now about to complete PART 1 of  the Hero's Journey, the call to adventure (step 3 above). Are you going to accept or refuse your soul's calling and the vision she has asked you to live?  Are you going to use this opportunity now to apply the best transformational techniques I have gathered to create your dream? The Hero's Journey is what happens when you bring the force of intention, gratitude, health and action to produce the vision of your dreams. We need to RAISE the energy of your mind, body and soul to match the frequency of your dream. We then put structure, resources, a plan of action, and mindset training to make sure you are in the highest peak performance to achieve your vision.


To get over the gravity of a lifetime of complacency, you need an extraordinary program to pull you through. This is the Hero's Journey. No matter if your dream is deeper love, more money, a breakthrough in a new business, or a better body, the same tools apply to bring you out of your slumber into your next chapter.

Don't try to fit this program
into your life.
(You will just get more of your existing life).
Instead, take your life
and put it into this program and get ready for an extraordinary 28 days.
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1. New Moon

The Hero Meets The Mentor

Using the best manifest practices, we define together the approach, mindset and what's at stake for the month, and put your vision and intention in the hands of the universe, and your daily regiment (diet, action, gratitude...).

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3. First Quarter

Tests, Allies and Enemies

You have now cleared the shadow and with this energy you are ready to break through the shell. Start executing on the life you designed with your 5 to thrive.

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5. Full Moon


You are now transforming to see the power in yourself Harness the energy and share and be with loved ones the miracles that have happened in these 14 day.

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7. Last Quarter


Now with your new power, we shift again. You face your shadow with full force of compassion and everything you have avoided and slay the dragon.

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9. New Moon

The Hero Accept the Calling

It's time now to listen to your soul and capture your wishes for the next month.

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2. Waxing Crescent

The Hero Crosses The Threshold

We review your  shadow, what you need to confront and give up in order to step up in the new life and have the necessary meetings with 10 people so your vision is elaborated on.

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4. Waxing Gibbous

Approach and Ordeal

As your energy heightens, you realize where your power is and where it is not. We fast to increase your energy while executing on your 5 to thrive.

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6. Waning Gibbous

Road back

With your reward and new found sense of self, it's time to close and provision everything you said you are going to do and all the loose ends.

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8. Waning Crescent


Reflect on what worked, heal, forgive, soothe yourself and clear any remaining low energy. Replenish and rejuvenate with a good massage and get what is at stake as well as revision your next month. 

The 28 day promise:
(Full 100% guarantee or your money back if you follow exactly the program)

You will manifest a significant portion of your vision board.

You will manifest more in 28 days than in the last six months.

You will breakthrough a lifetime pattern that has held you back.


You will experience an elevated sense of being.

You will experience living in peak performance for 28 days

You will have improved self esteem, self-worth and power.

You will feel, act and look 5 to 10 years younger.

You will experience an elevated spirituality

You will confidently into your next chapter.

Oh, you don't believe me?
Just ask a few of our heroes.

"I was at a real crossroads where I was afraid to go back to corporate sales. My dream was to make a living as a traveling gourmet wine sommelier. During the Hero's Journey, I manifested the wine event of my dreams with a band and dream guests. 28 days later I had 80 paid guests. This event was one of the most fantastic days of my life next to my wedding day and his since launched my business. I now lead guests on wine trips across Europe."
Armin Müller, The White Gloved Somellier


"The Hero's Journey returned me to the dreams I had as a child. I was trying to find my place transitioning from the sports world to the corporate world, and still not lose my passion for art. The Hero's Journey helped me find my purpose and gave the guts to purse it. In 28 days I designed a photo shoot, made a business plan for my business, developed my fashion brand, met my life partner, and a few months later start a new job. I grew a lot. Months later I am still on a clear path."
Amaru Schenkel, Olympian


"I chose to do the Hero's Journey because I felt I needed a coach to get through all the obstacles and reach my full potential. In 28 days, it was profound - I was on fire: a closer relationship with my father and family, healed topics from friends in the past, new bookings on stage, BBC interviews, new music! But most importantly I found gratitude and a real good story for my life I'm now living."
Roshaan Ragu, Music Producer

Why This Program Is Necessary
You are about to make a monumental transformation in your life. You need structure and you need support. This journey safely takes you through step by step so the shift is gradual and your life purpose emerges naturally.
This is a deeply spiritual program. It is a process of becoming who you were destined to be
and step into a new life pattern that inspires you.

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The transformational process

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