Sara Nyström came in for a hand analysis, primarily to get clarity on her business, but also for making other life decisions. She was very skeptic in the beginning about hand analysis but realized its effectiveness when she could see her lifestory during a hand analysis.

Katja Garcia, an entrepreneur and a mother of 5 children came to visit me and wanted to try my whole program from start to finish. She said she absolutely needed some change in her life. Here is her recounting her experience with my program. 

Katalin visited me with a lot of curiosity around how a hand analysis is done and how does it really lead to healing the hidden shadow side. It was great to work with her and see her relaxed and happy after she went through my program. 

A quick chat with A with Sofia Strizhko (Apologies for the dark background!). She recently went through my program and wanted to talk about her experiences with it. 

She's an incredibly compassionate, powerful person. When she came to me, I could see all the pain she had been bearing silently for many years and didn't know how to confront people whom she needed to confront, mainly because of her high values of compassion. 

It was wonderful to work with her and uplift her to the state she actually deserves to be in.

New journeys ahead for Sofia and myself as well.