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ellen degeneres full of life

“Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else’s path unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that.” ― Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen Degeneres with her wife
Ellen Degeneres Life

The more the heart line in hands curves upwards toward the middle finger, the more that heart loves to be on fire. Their hearts are ruled by the spirit and their need for fun. They get dramatic if this isn’t met.

They enjoy openly and intensely expressing their feelings so that everybody feels it around them. They’re quite open about their motives, giving others the freedom to do the same.

This creates a fun, exciting and enjoyable environment. They always love with a fiery passion and care little about what others would think about it.

Ellen’s wit won over audiences, as she had found success as an actress with her own prime-time sitcom — the self-titled television series, The Ellen Degeneres Show. The series was originally titled These Friends of Mine, but was renamed in 1994.

From that point, the show evolved from its beginnings as an ensemble effort into a showcase for DeGeneres.

Ellen in her daily show
Ellen Show

The show faced strong criticism when, in April 1997, DeGeneres’ character became the first lead in sitcom history to openly acknowledge her homosexuality on air. Fearing controversy, some of the show’s sponsors, withdrew their advertisements.

Several episodes following revealed themes about homosexuality and, throughout the remainder of the season, DeGeneres and ABC executives faced a storm of criticism. But the show also received rounds of applause from friendly activists — including DeGeneres’s mother, Betty DeGeneres, who appeared on numerous talk shows in support of her daughter.

Despite a supportive audience, an Emmy Award for the coming-out episode and the show’s groundbreaking place in television history, Ellen was canceled in 1998.

Imagine if Ellen had kept herself shut down, didn’t express herself and be fearlessly loving as she is, as per what her hand lines show as a path to her fulfillment.

We probably wouldn’t know this wonderful person who make us laugh so much! It is for this reason we would do good to understand ourselves and our path of fulfillment.

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