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What is your shadow side and what is it telling you?

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

“ The most dangerous psychological mistake is the projection of the shadow on to others: this is the root of almost all conflicts “ - Carl Jung

Women in a shadow
Shadow Side

Shadow side are the unresolved, unacknowledged aspects of ourselves hidden in the depths of the subconscious and superconscious of self. It is the part of us that carries all of our traumas and negative patterns. It is the part of us that we try to keep hidden from the world, and from ourselves. Little do we realize, connecting to and embracing our shadow is a very crucial step in our negative experience healing process as human beings.

We have to be able to admit the existence of negative patterns of thinking and behaving in ourselves, before healing can begin. Once we admit to this, the awareness of our own behavior will become much more apparent, and we will be able to objectively see where we are messing up. Shadow work can be called the epitome of true accountability.

Many cultures throughout the beginning of time all over the world, believe in the idea that you can lose your soul. When you go through extreme trauma, your spirit will leave the body to protect itself - leaving you to run on autopilot and feeling very detached as well as lost without hope.

This can lead to depression, feeling fatigued and easily subdued by the ego, and can induce spiritual seeking.

Another term for spiritual seeking here can be called shadow work. This is the act of searching for the light in the darkness - making sense of old wounds, our triggers, and transforming into a balanced being that is able to harness all their inner power of focus and intuition. This is when the soul comes back home.

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