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In a hand analysis we are going to explore the entire life pattern, strengths, and shortcomings. Many people experience an awakening in these sessions.

They literally grow in consciousness with the responsibility of living in alignment to their divine pattern. This is not anything for you to “Believe.

Throughout the session we will be referring to research based on half a million people’s hands in order to help identify decision making patterns in relationships, in finances, and in career choices.


Here are the main topics covered in 2-hrs

  1. What is the nature of your soul?
  2. What areas does your soul avoid and even fear?
  3. What is your relationship to your body, mind and spirit?
  4. What is your power and what are you meant for?
  5. How do you overcome your greatest challenge?
  6. How do you breakthrough to become your greatest possible self?

Christmas special Hand Analysis



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