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Master Hand Analyst Brent Bruning, has studied the fingerprint patterns of the world’s most remarkable individuals including astronauts, physicists as well as famous people including, Kiera Knightley, Eminem, Richard Branson, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce, in order to demonstrate that life’s purpose and its meaning in life is biologically shown as an epigenetic pattern in the hands.


He is also the author of The Power In Your Hands, Bruning's latest book based on the empirical study of over half a million pairs of hands.



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"Brent Bruning and Pascal Stossel are unfolding a whole new realm of anthropological questions with surprising intellectual consequences: the lines of our hand are meaningful."

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There are things in hand reading I definitely haven't discussed before that are dazzlingly accurate.

"The reading is phenomenal, completely nailed me, from my strengths to my dreams to my challenges to the things I enjoy. It's uncanny! 

Neil Strauss,  Best Selling Author

Christophe Keckeis, 3 Star General

"I am deeply impressed by the dimension of your project. I learned a lot about myself.... and my hand!"

I learned a lot about myself.... and my hand!"

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Urs Pohlman, MD Neurologist, Ananne Founder

The hands, they seem to represent a scripture. a calligraphy unique to each individual, bearing information about who we are to our core and what we feel is meaningful in our life. This project, therefore, is not merely adding a new piece of knowledge, but bears the potential to widen the scientific approach to understanding the body. What can be more rewarding than being encouraged to widen our horizon of understanding? Especially, if it is about what it is to be a human being."

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Hand Analysis - A method of self-discovery for personal development and leading a genuine life.

The pandemic has challenged us all, but it has also been a time of self-reflection, with many people

questioning their purpose in life. This existential conundrum is a frequent theme being voiced by the clients of Master Hand Analyst Brent Bruning. He has studied the fingerprint patterns of the world’s most remarkable individuals including astronauts, physicists as well as famous people including, Kiera Knightley, Eminem, Richard Branson, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce, in order to demonstrate that life’s purpose and its meaning in life is biologically shown as an epigenetic pattern in the hands. This method is showcased in his latest book The Power In Your Hands. According to Bruning, finding purpose is just one piece of the puzzle, the hands offering insight into our true creative potential and transgenerational trauma - epigenetic triggers obstructing the path to our natural self-expression, vitality, and personal Nirvana.

Brent Bruning, Master Hand Analyst, comments, “Hand analysis is a transformational tool that helps people to see their strengths, locate their blind spots, resolve challenges and develop the clarity to move to their next chapter. Based on research on how the hand mirrors the nervous system, and possibly the key to unfolding a whole new realm of anthropological questions,* experiences conditioned over generations are passed down through our gene expression and encoded in the hands and fingerprints. And since the hand mirrors the nervous system’s imprinting, we now have a blueprint to help us understand what brings us a sense of achievement and fulfilment.

The holy grail for inner joy, once clients are aware of what motivates them, they can do more of what makes them happy - each unique blueprint showing us what we are as an individual and what is meaningful to us. Understanding experiences that are the most sensational and naturally rewarding for someone is a powerful tool for self-awareness and wellbeing. Also a therapeutic endeavor, this technique directly pinpoints our deepest fears, triggers, and struggles so we can make genuine steps towards being a better and more whole version of ourselves.”

Distinct from mystical palmistry, hand analysis bridges the gap between neuroscience and psychology. A mirror of the brain, our hands contain the highest density of sensory neurons in the body. These neurons travel directly up the spine into the sensory cortex and the limbic system - both structures related to the expression of our personalities.

As early as seven weeks in utero, heavy doses of serotonin, DMT, and melatonin (the building blocks of consciousness) are broadcast across the nervous system and expressed through the hands. This results in a visual map of our inherited likes, dislikes, struggles, and behavioral patterns that remain for a lifetime.

Not new, though still not widely talked about, hand analysis dates back to the late 1800s when scientists discovered the link between fingerprints and behavioral patterns. Further studies of twins (who have similar handprints) separated at birth, like those of Jim Springer and Jim Lewis*, have also borne out the same facts - both men living apart from each other for 39 years, yet living almost identical lives. 

Formerly a software analyst for Switzerland’s major banks, Bruning, who has reviewed over 20,000 handprints (also known as life patterns), has been honing his skills in this ground-breaking field for 14 years - six of those years spent studying at the Institute of Hand Analysis (IIHA) founded by Richard Unger, and a further six working as an apprentice for IIHA faculty member, Pascal Stoessel. The three experts have examined a total of 120,000 handprints combined, the trio collaborating on The Power In Your Hands* - the book based on the empirical study of over half a million pairs of hands.

Brent Bruning, comments, “By showcasing the hands of people who have found their life calling, The Power In Your Hands, reveals a blueprint of success and happiness that you can map onto your own palm - the life lessons of those with similar prints helping you to consciously evolve. For example, Harrison Ford’s journey from carpenter to Hollywood actor.”

Bruning also gives his clients the opportunity to face their demons head-on through The Shift, and finally, the Hero’s Journey. Both offer deep therapeutic dives into the self, by exploring the blueprint within the hand. A cathartic process, the sessions help us to understand the reasoning behind our behaviors; identify our triggers and conflicts and build a roadmap to resolve them. 


For more information please contact Siobhan Erum Credo, PR Advisor at #HoteiMarketing contact 

For more insight into the workings of hand analysis, you can undertake a short quiz on Brent Bruning’s website The Power in Your Hands and discover how your hands show your personality type and entire life pattern. Alternatively, book an introductory 30-minute session with Brent and see how a personalised reading shows your whole life story. You can also kick-start your 2022 and receive $50 off a two-hour Hand Analysis Session. Quote YEAROFPURPOSE on booking to receive your

discount. The promotion finishes on 31 March 2022.


editor’s Notes

​1. CASE STUDY of twins separated from birth: Jim Springer and Jim Lewis

The Power In Your Hands is a collection of 100 life pattern examples of successful people in different fields from all around the world including, Beyonce, Rihanna, David Beckham, Chris Evans, George Lucas, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and more. The content is based on interviews concerning the participant’s life story, lessons and challenges, with their hand analysis reverse-engineered by Pascale Stoessel, faculty member Institute of Hand Analysis. 

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