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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My name is Amaru Schenkel. I am a Champion Swiss Olympian and used to run the 100 meters in 10 seconds.

Amaru Shenkel shares his life transformation with Brent Bruning
Swiss Olympian - Amaru Schenkel

At age 30, it was time for a new career and sports was the only world I knew. This was a scary transition. Coming with no university training, wondering if I could make it in the corporate world, I was living in fear every day. I applied for an advertising job, a branding job, benchmarking in corporate acquisitions, and each rejection made me doubt myself if this is the world for me.

These days repeated for 9 consecutive months.

I got my hand analyzed and did a process called The Shift™ with Brent Bruning.

Within 28 days I created my dream photo shoot, developed a model of my dream coffee house, test-drove a Porsche, developed my own clothing brand, started dating the partner of my dreams, planned our dream vacations, became closer with my friends, and threw a dinner party with a designer invitation.

Race between Amaru and Brent

Two months later I became the brand manager for Switzerland’s top athletic company, moved, and decorated my dream house. My partner and I have a beautiful child.

Designing this dream life and pushing past my comfort zone took work. It wasn’t easy breaking out of my comfort zone.

The Shift™ that I did with Brent worked by having me recognize parts of myself that I didn’t think I had time for. But reclaiming this self-expression was the only way I found to live a life worth living. By accepting all the parts of my life as they showed in my hands, I was accepting a more fulfilling life – not to just be employed, but to be an artist, to create community, to inspire, to love, and to manifest.

My family and I live in a beautiful house by the lake. Problems don’t go away in life though, but they become beautiful when you approach life more consciously, it just feels right. Good problems to grow from which I am happy about. I love my partner for how she challenges me to grow every single day. Life is about growth. And I will love the next adventure.

Amaru Schenkel track race

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